Vulcania Restaurant Review at Tokyo DisneySea

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Vulcania is a counter-service restaurant located in the Mysterious Island area of Tokyo DisneySea. Vulcania serves Chinese food and is located inside a volcano. I’ll repeat that for emphasis. Vulcania’s location is a work area carved out on the inside of a volcano. This review will cover our thoughts on Vulcania, including the food, theme, and seating area of the restaurant.

Before we begin the review, we have to make an embarrassing admission. Vulcania was the first restaurant we dined at in DisneySea and we apparently were too excited to take pictures of the interior. It’s amazing and wonderful and unique and… we totally forgot to take pictures.

Vulcania’s line and serving area is set up like a cafeteria where you move through the line choosing the items that you want. This area is apparently themed as a dining area for mine workers and the line fits that theme perfectly. Like most restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort, you can either choose a “set” or combo meal or you can select items a la carte.

TDR Explorer maintains a menu for Vulcania (and every other Tokyo Disney restaurant) here on there website. Since we constantly ate snacks at Tokyo Disney, we sometimes split meals to save room for more snacks. At Vulcania, we decided to split a “set”. We had the noodles with dipping soup as an appetizer, the fried chicken with soy-vinegar sauce as our entree, and the mango pudding for dessert.

The noodles and dipping soup were pretty standard fare. The noodles were served with pork, vegetables, and a boiled egg. The appetizer was fine, but very standard cuisine. They also offered fried rice as a choice and we wished we had tried that instead. The fried chicken with soy-vinegar sauce was good. The sauce also had a pretty strong ginger taste. Brittany isn’t much of a ginger fan so I luckily got a few extra pieces of chicken.

The star of the meal was the Donald Duck mango pudding. Japan really nails everything mango-flavored and this was no exception. I could eat an entire meal of mango-flavored pudding. Brittany also ordered a dessert that was a small strawberry and almond cake. It came with a souvenir spoon and was not included in the set offerings. I believe with the spoon it was around 700yen. The restaurant also kindly provided us with a small bag to keep the spoon in without prompting. Service in Japan is beyond stellar and this is just another example.

Inside Vulcania there are multiple seating areas, each filled with interesting steampunk machines and devices. We were shown to a seat due to crowds so we didn’t choose our seating area. There was also an outdoor seating area with great views of the Mysterious Island area. The inside seating area of Vulcania is incredible and on par with elite Disney sites like Be Our Guest. It feels very much like you are inside of the line or waiting area for a Disney ride or show. The best way I can describe it is eating inside of a massive cave, but IN A VOLCANO!

Overall, we loved the atmosphere of Vulcania more than the food. We wanted to make it back to try more of their entree offerings, but didn’t end up dining here a second time on our trip. We’ll definitely return in the future. I would strongly recommend anyone visiting DisneySea to eat at Vulcania. The food is good but the atmosphere is can’t-miss.

Score 8.5/10

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