Tuesday Hot Take: The Rumored Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster at Epcot Makes Epcot Disney World’s Best Park

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The infamous “hot take” is a journalism term quickly gaining fame, especially in sports media, in our immediate news world. A hot take is a commentary that is based in truth but is deliberately outrageous and often controversial.

Here at The Disney People, we have opinions. In our new series, the Tuesday Hot Take, we’re sharing those opinions even if they may be a bit controversial. Today’s hot take involves a massive change to the Epcot theme park, the addition of Guardians of the Galaxy!


By now, Disney fans have heard all about the rumor of Guardians of the Galaxy getting their own attraction in Epcot. As you know, the Guardians are already slated to take over one beloved monument, the Tower of Terror, in Disney’s California Adventure. In Epcot, the rumor is that a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction (coaster?) will be replacing one of our personal favorite attractions, Ellen’s Energy Adventure. While I could wax poetically for hours about the brilliance of Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and I’ll be sad to see it go, it’s time for a replacement. Epcot took a turn against the old school Disney fanbase by replacing the for-some-reason loved Maelstrom with a Frozen attraction. If you’ve read our Frozen Ever After review, you know we LOVE it. The excellence of Frozen Ever After has us convinced that Disney is well aware of its plan to flood the park with film IP, and that is fine with us. Frankly, we think Epcot will improve with a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster. In fact, Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot will make Epcot Disney World’s best theme park.

First, I expect Disney to turn Guardians into a top-notch thrill ride. While there are rumors and hearsay of the Guardians attraction being a roller coaster, Disney has confirmed nothing. Personally, I hope the rumors prove true and Guardians is a roller coaster. While a bit short and easy-going, the Seven Dwarves’ Mine Train is an excellent attraction. Most importantly, for Disney, the Mine Train is an extremely popular attraction. Disney fans want a thrill. Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Seven Dwarves, Everest, Rock and Roller Coaster, Test Track, and Tower of Terror are among Disney World’s most popular rides and for good reason. Disney has proven repeatedly that it will go above and beyond a simple roller coaster to make every coaster a great experience. I expect that with Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney will not simply build a simple roller coaster without flair.

The big golf ball at Epcot!
The big golf ball at Epcot!

The largest opponents of a Guardians attraction consider this the demise of Epcot’s “edutainment”. To those naysayers, I say nay, edutainment was abandoned long ago. I’m not sure I’ve learned anything from Soarin’ other than the importance of a front row glider so I don’t have to see feet. While Ellen was edutainment of the highest class, it was dated and its departure was imminent. Test Track’s “edutainment” attempt is honorable, but it’s mostly about making the coolest (or un-coolest) looking car in the pre-ride area. The videos in World Showcase are the last remaining hope for “edutainment”, but even those are quickly becoming outdated. We love France and Impressions de France, but it needs an update and I doubt that will happen. That said, it’s time we give up on “edutainment” for entertainment.

We get lots of questions about Universal Orlando because we visit fairly often. Most of the time, people are leaning towards Universal because of the price, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the extra thrill rides. With Guardians at Epcot, using the extra thrill rides as an means of choosing Universal over Disney will end. If you can visit Epcot alone and ride Test Track, Soarin, Frozen Ever After, and a Guardians attraction in a day, it will make Epcot our most recommended park to anyone. This is somewhat askew from Disney’s family approach, but Epcot is already the most popular park among our friends with no-children. This is even more true when friends visit during Food and Wine or Flower and Garden. On most of our visits we have turned to travelling back and forth from Epcot to Magic Kingdom, essentially ignoring the other two parks. With the insane amount of food (and drink) available at Epcot, we seem to end up there most days for lunch or dinner, even outside of F&W or F&G festivals.


Thematically, Epcot has everything you need. While other parks tend towards lands, Epcot nails it with the countries in World Showcase. The trip from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland is neat, but not as fun as crossing a bridge from the United Kingdom and being in France. Outside of World Showcase, Future World will be another thematic wonder with Guardians, Test Track, and Mission to Mars. Last, but not least, The Land and Sea pavilions are excellent buildings with related attractions that fit together.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure in Future World, Epcot will become the best theme park in Walt Disney World. I barely grazed Epcot’s greatest attractions, food and American Adventure, and I’ve still listed multiple reasons Epcot is set to become the king of Walt Disney World.

As a disclaimer for Brittany, this is not her opinion. Until Walt Disney World decides to move the castle to Epcot, her view is that Magic Kingdom reigns supreme.

What do you think about the rumors of Guardians of the Galaxy heading to Epcot? Do you curse the further departure from the original Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

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