Tron Coaster and New Theatre Coming to Magic Kingdom

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We’re sharing all the noteworthy news from this weekend’s D23 Expo. Magic Kingdom was the lightest on news and updates at D23. Considering the recent New Fantasyland addition this is understandable. Let’s take a look at the two huge announcements for Magic Kingdom.

New Theatre

Disney announced a new theatre for entertainment coming to Main Street USA. This new theatre design is based on the Willis Wood Theatre in Kansas City and is set to look exactly as it did during Walt Disney’s life.

Disney was quiet on what exactly we can expect in the new theatre or where the theatre would be located. I’ve read rumors on Twitter that it could possibly go on the back street that is typically used for crowd overflow at Magic Kingdom but no sure information yet.

We’re very optimistic for this theater. At Disneyland, their theater show, formerly Aladdin and now Frozen, is a world-class show. We have yet to see Frozen but the Aladdin show was the best Disney show we have ever seen at any park. Hopefully we can expect a show of similar production value coming to Magic Kingdom.

TRON Coaster

Disney’s major huge super announcement for Magic Kingdom is the addition of the Tron Coaster. This is already a huge success in Shanghai Disneyland and it’s anticipated that this ride will be nearly the same design.

We’re always excited for any major attraction being added to a park, but we could not care less about Tron. Tron holds zero personal attraction to us, but the ride is popular and seemingly fun regardless of its IP.

The Tron Coaster was another news that was outed over at WDW News Today by their excellent investigative coverage. Originally, this was rumored to replace Tomorrowland Speedway and that would have been fine with us. But in Disney’s concept art, it appears to go beside Space Mountain and leave the Speedway intact. This was all but confirmed by Disney as they said the ride would go in an all new area adjacent to Space Mountain.

Your Thoughts

Magic Kingdom is a bit light on information this year, but we expect a lot at the D23 Expo in 2019. There will definitely be more in the pipeline for Magic Kingdom as we approach the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021.

Are you excited for Tron Coaster? Does anyone actually care about Tron? Let us know in the comments!

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