Top 5 Things We Miss About Tokyo Disney


We’ve been back from Tokyo Disney Resort for almost a month. If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that we took a short weekend trip to Disney World for my birthday last weekend, and even though Disney World is our home, there were many things I realized we missed from our Tokyo Disney trip. Today, I’m sharing my list of the top 5 items/experiences I’m missing from Tokyo Disney after our last Disney World trip.

5. The Magic

This isn’t a tangible thing, but I don’t think we’ve been to a Disney Park that felt as magical as Tokyo Disney did. It could have been our hotels, the parks themselves, and everything else in between, but our stay was incredible. The first thing we did when we arrived at Tokyo Disney was ride the monorail. We arrived late in the evening and there wasn’t enough time to warrant buying park tickets, so we settled for a ride around the monorail loop. Just hopping on the monorail, with its Mickey head shaped windows and Christmas decor, gave us a feeling of awe that we haven’t felt at a Disney park in a long time. The visitors themselves added to the magic because they were so polite and patient and, most of all, Disney OBSESSED. They didn’t mind waiting in line for 2, 3, or even 4 hours at a time for an event and everyone seemed to be having a great time. It did snow on our trip, which was the first time it had snowed there in November in 54 years. What’s more magical than snow at Disney?

4. Mochi Dumplings

These were my favorite snack at Tokyo Disney and I would go back just for them. You cannot find these at any other Disney park and they are delicious! Colton wasn’t a huge fan, but we had these a couple times during our trip and I would have packed a cooler full of them to bring home if it was possible. They’re so popular that I’m hoping they’ll make their way to Disney World. If not, we’ll just have to go to Tokyo Disney again.

Honestly, I miss all of the food. The snack selection in the parks was great, even their popcorn choices were top-notch and delicious!

3. Tremendous Customer Service

Another intangible thing, but it is something I’m missing both inside and outside of the Disney parks. I’m not saying that customer service in Disney World is bad, but as we’ve mentioned in our previous Tokyo Disney related posts, the customer service at Tokyo Disney Resort was impeccable.

2. Characters

At Tokyo Disney characters are everywhere and walk around freely, rather than greeting in one spot. They do tend to acknowledge children more than adults (completely understandable), so we didn’t try to get pictures with them, but it would have been so easy had we wanted to. We saw Goofy on multiple occasions, Minnie and Mickey a few times, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother with Suzy and Perla, and that’s just naming a few! I love meet-and-greets with characters, but often times the lines at Disney World have over a 30 minute wait time and that’s if you catch it just right. Even though we didn’t get pictures with the characters, just knowing the option is there without having a long wait, was nice. Most of the time, the character interaction with guests as they moved through the park was an experience in itself. Character “mingling” is something we’ve seen at almost every park besides WDW.

1. Sinbad

This ride was one of our favorites on the trip. We could write a long post about how great this ride is, but Tom Bricker at the Disney Tourist Blog has that covered HERE and it is well worth a read. We agree with nearly all of his opinions regarding Sinbad and he has some great pictures of the ride. The lines for Sinbad are inexplicably short and often non-existent. Having such a short wait time made Sinbad even better. We were able to ride without any wait, which is why we rode it so many times. The ride’s theme song, “Compass of Your Heart”, would be stuck in our heads all day after we rode, even though we couldn’t understand most of it. Why Sinbad didn’t have a longer wait time confounded us, but we didn’t mind because it meant more rides for us!

That’s a quick list of the Top 5 Things I’m missing from Tokyo Disney. We cannot wait to go back, I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

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    April 7, 2017 10:44 pm

    We have a plan to visit Japan this summer, hopefully we will visit Disneyland there. Your awesome post helps me to have some ideas before visiting it 🙂
    Thank You for sharing!

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