Tony’s Town Square Dinner Review

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Tony’s Town Square is a dining location in Town Square inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Tony’s is themed as an Italian bistro and is based on the restaurant from Lady and the Tramp. Tony’s is open for lunch and dinner and this review focuses on a recent dinner.


The menu at Tony’s is your stereotypical mainstream Italian restaurant. Tony’s serves the usual favorites from Spaghetti to Chicken Parmesan to Tiramisu. Overall, the prices on the menu are fair from a Disney dining perspective. The most expensive entree, the New York Strip, is priced at $34. The other entree items run from $19-28 with the average price being just under $23. The desserts are all $7 or $8.


The restaurant is separated into three dining areas. There is the outside patio, the solarium, and the indoor formal dining room. The outside patio would probably be nice in the non-summer months with a good parade view, but everyone we saw being led outside politely asked for an indoor seat. We were sat in the solarium dining area. We could see the Move It Shake It Dance Party from our seat, but only barely.

We made our ADR for Tony’s the day before our plans and found a 6pm time available. This was July 3rd so the park was fairly crowded for the holiday, and Tony’s waiting area was filled with eager diners. When we checked in, the staff was informing others that they were not accepting walk-in reservations that day. In my experience, there are typically times available for Tony close to the day of dining, especially inside the 24 hour cancellation window.

After being seated, we were served the restaurant’s bread service. This was… okay. It’s bread, so it is good, but I certainly wouldn’t return to Tony’s for bread alone. The bread was served with a dipping sauce that consisted of a bit of seasoning and a ton of oil. After our first dip, we didn’t use any more of the “sauce”. Nothing on the appetizer menu interested us, but I have heard good things about the zucchini fries (though $11 seems expensive for a few fried vegetables).


Brittany ordered the Canneloni. I would describe canneloni as rolls of lasagna. It’s basically pasta filled with meat and cheese. The canneloni was pretty basic, but good. They use both a marinara and a creme sauce so that was interesting and tasty.


For my entree, I ordered Joe’s Artisinal Pizza. This is a thin pizza topped with sausage, red peppers, caramelized onions, and pepperoni. I really enjoyed this pizza. For $21, the serving size was just enough for a meal without feeling too full.


We both saved room for dessert and decided to try the tiramisu and the cannoli. I’m no tiramisu expert, but I thought this version was quite good. Brittany enjoyed the cannoli. Altogether, for $8 each they were suitable Disney desserts.



Tony’s Town Square did not blow us away. For a fine dining experience, there are plenty of other places on Disney property to eat instead. That being said, we did enjoy our meal at Tony’s. The prices were fair, the food was good, and the Town Square setting offered plenty of people-watching. Magic Kingdom is our most frequented park at Disney World (like everyone else), so we will likely return to Tony’s in the future.

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