REVIEW: Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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The Star Wars: Galactic Spectacular is the newest nighttime show at Hollywood Studios, replacing the Symphony in the Skies firework show. The Galactic Spectacular combines Star Wars footage, lasers, fireworks, and fire into one excellent show at the Chinese Theater. With any Disney nighttime show comes a new dessert party! This post reviews our experience at the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party. (Since this visit, they have now moved the dessert party inside the Star Wars Launch Bay).

The Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party provides premium viewing for the Galactic Spectacular right in front of the stage and Chinese Theater. This premium viewing comes with a premium price as the dessert party costs $69 per person for adults. We’ll give our quick thoughts on the dessert party, along with some food pictures, and our thoughts on the new Star Wars show.


This review is a bit different from other reviews. Prior to July 10th, the dessert party was held outdoors in the same viewing area for the show. After July 10th, the dessert portion was moved inside the Star Wars Launch Bay, with the party escorted out to the viewing area around 15 minutes before the show. With rain seeming imminent, and the Launch Bay apparently not ready, our dessert party was inside the illustrious Disney Junior On Stage theater.


As you can see in the picture, the party was hastily set up with tables inside the Disney Junior theater with rain coming. We didn’t mind the change to the indoor area. In Orlando, it’s still 99 degrees with 101% humidity at night in July so we felt lucky to have the party move to an area with air conditioning.


First, the dessert party probably isn’t worth $69. If you really value the included Chewbacca stein and you drink as much of the included alcohol as you can, you may be able to “break even” on your cost. Alternatively, you could just arrive an hour before the show and get a comparable viewing spot without the party. That said, we did feel the party viewing area was really a perfect view and the area wasn’t overcrowded.

The dessert party served a wide variety of Star Wars-themed dessert and savory options. These range from the weak “Provolone and Tomato Saber” to the fancy “Blue Milk Panna Cotta”. We tried to sample as much of the offerings as we could. The party always made sure they were well-stocked and lines for food were never long. The party also offered various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Again, these lines were always short enough to grab a refill.



I really enjoyed the “Scorched Pesto Crisps” and the “Darth Maul the Pastry Menace Eclairs”. Brittany liked the “Sun Citrus Financier” and “Yoda Pistachio Bites”.





As I mentioned earlier, you do get the Chewbacca stein at the party. This is a nice gift, I suppose, but don’t pay $69 just for the awkward plastic stein.

We headed to the viewing area about 15 minutes before the show began. Even with most of the party attendees there, we had no problem finding a place to stand and watch. Like I said, the viewing area for the party is really excellent. Probably the best view you can get. We didn’t take many pictures since this was our first time seeing the show, but here is a quick scene from the back of the party viewing area. As you can see, all screens are visible as are the fireworks.


As for the show, it’s pretty incredible. It is right with Wishes and Fantasmic as our favorite nighttime show at Walt Disney World. The screens and projections are amazingly coordinated with the fireworks and the fire portion of the show was a giant “OOOOOH” from the audience. If you are a Star Wars fan of any age, you will love this show. It hits right in the perfect nostalgia spot and features great portions and characters from The Force Awakens. There are tons of photos and videos from the show online, but I urge everyone to spoil as little as possible and enjoy it live if you can.

Here are some more pictures of the offerings at the party:


20160630_204721IMG_0020     IMG_0024



As we mentioned before, the viewing area for this show is really excellent and arguably the best area to view the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular. The food and dessert offerings at the party are tasty and plentiful. If you consume adult beverages during the party, you can certainly validate spending $69 on the party. That said, it’s likely an experience we won’t have again. You can get a great viewing spot by showing up around an hour early on Hollywood Blvd and setting up without spending the premium. With the new Launch Bay setting, the vibe is certainly more “Star Wars-esque” than our Disney Junior experience, so for Star Wars fans we would recommend this experience at least once. If you’re on the fence about Star Wars or the new show, just show up 30-45 minutes before the show and check it out without spending on the dessert party.

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