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If you’re like us, you are “the Disney people” among your friends. You’re the people that they ask for tips when Visiting Walt Disney World. You’re the ones that automatically like any social media post involving Disney. Most of all, you’re the people that answer our favorite question, “Disney World again?” We are without a doubt Disney people and this blog will be used to share that fascination.

Our primary goal with this site was to have somewhere to share our adventures with family and friends. We’ll also use it as a venue for our opinions, and sharing some of our fun Disney finds outside the Disney parks.

Disney has been an important part of our lives, separately and as a married couple. Of course, like all children should be, we were blessed with the Disney magic from an early age through Disney films and characters. We took our honeymoon trip to Disney World and since then have visited Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, and have plans to visit all Disney parks in the future. Obviously, we still make frequent trips to our home park, Disney World.

Follow along for our trip reports, mediocre photographs, and our opinions on Disney World news, rides, and restaurants.

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We are in no way an official Disney site or any representative of the Walt Disney Company.