March Magic 2017 Shirts Now Available in the Disney Store


Disney’s “March Magic” tournament is back for 2017 with some new shirt designs and some returning favorites. This tournament claims to crown the “Ultimate Disney Attraction” through fan votes from March 14th to April 3rd on the Disney World Facebook page. I don’t know about it’s ability to determine the ultimate attraction, but we love the designs on these shirts released each year.


Right now, these shirts are on sale through the Disney store with the promo code: MARCHMAGIC. The caveat with this “deal” is that the code only kicks in at 20% if you buy 3 or more shirts and if you buy 10 or more shirts you can get the full 30% off that is advertised. At $27.99, these shirts aren’t cheap but 3 for roughly $70 isn’t a shocking price for Disney shirts.

Here is the bracket for the 2017 March Magic from the Disney Parks Blog:

I have a few complaints about seeding. The Carousel of Progress Rovers being seeded to face the Gracey Manor Ghouls round 1 is a travesty. This is the first year in the tournament for Carousel of Progress and its round 1 matchup gives it no shot of a Cinderella story. Second, “Tomorrowland Movers” sounds like a residential moving company. Real lost chance for Disney to name that the “Tomorrowland Peoplemovers”. Moving on..

You can see the full design listing on the Disney Store or HERE on the Parks blog. Here are a few of our favorites:

We all love Haunted Mansion, but we implore everyone to #VoteRover for the Cinderella story in March Magic 2017.

What is your favorite March Magic design? Will you be buying one (or 3 or 10)? Let us know in the comments!


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