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Hotel MiraCosta is a deluxe-level hotel located on property at Tokyo Disney Resort. Wait. Hotel MiraCosta is a deluxe-level hotel located INSIDE Tokyo DisneySea. Much better.

On our November 2016 trip to Tokyo Disney Resort, we had a chance to stay one night at the luxurious Hotel MiraCosta. This post is our review of the room, location, and benefits of Hotel MiraCosta, along with a few tips for booking a stay at Hotel MiraCosta.


First, we’ll discuss the location of Hotel MiraCosta. As I stated earlier, Hotel MiraCosta is actually located inside the Tokyo DisneySea theme park. From any room at Tokyo DisneySea, you are guaranteed a great view. That said, the views on the Mediterranean Harbor side of Hotel MiraCosta are possibly the best views you could experience at any Disney hotel in the world. We booked our stay at Hotel MiraCosta just under six months before our trip. The week we visited has a holiday in Japan, Labour Thanksgiving, and presumably this is the reason we were only able to land one night. On top of only getting the one night, we booked the “Tuscany Side Capitano Mickey Superior Room”.

Our room on the Tuscany side had a lovely view of the Tokyo Disneyland castle and of the entrance port for Hotel MiraCosta, but we weren’t lucky enough to grab a harbor view. We could see the fireworks on Disneyland castle from our room, but our ideal view would definitely be the Harbor side. When we booked, the only rooms remaining on the Harbor side were well over $1,000 per night.

Back to the location, Hotel MiraCosta is obviously a stellar place to stay when visiting Tokyo Disneyland. The “Happy 15” early entry area, the DisneySea main entrance, and the Tokyo Disney Resort Monorail are all a short walk from the MiraCosta entrance. There is also a private entrance to Tokyo DisneySea located on the bottom floor of Hotel MiraCosta. If you are visiting Tokyo DisneySea from MiraCosta, you can be inside the park in under five minutes from basically any room. If you are leaving MiraCosta and visiting Tokyo Disneyland, you are less than 15 minutes from the front gate with a short monorail ride. I should mention that the Tokyo Disney Resort monorail is not free to ride, but guests at MiraCosta, or the other Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, get a free monorail pass from check-in day through (and including) the day of check-out. The monorail was 260yen per trip when we visited.

This unbeatable location of MiraCosta does come with a price. Like staying at a “monorail resort” in Walt Disney World, MiraCosta is not cheap. Standard rooms start around $300 per night and can climb much higher on weekends and holidays, and even higher than that for the best rooms and views. The price of MiraCosta will likely turn most visitors off, which is understandable. With Tokyo’s transportation network, staying a few train stops down wouldn’t be a terrible inconvenience when visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. That said, MiraCosta is a “once in a lifetime” experience. MiraCosta was, however, our second-favorite of the two flagship hotels at Tokyo Disney, but that’s a post for another time. 🙂

Not to be surpassed by the location, our room at Hotel MiraCosta was breathtaking. We booked the “Mickey Superior Room” and, based on price, this was one of the standard MiraCosta rooms. If this was a room at most any Walt Disney World, there would be some sort of upcharge. Our room was filled with minor Mickey details that any Disney fan would love.

The bathrooms at most of the hotels we visited were great. The toilet room and shower room are separated, with a vanity and sink in the middle. This is basically the ideal bathroom configuration. The shower room at the hotels we visited was separate and contained both a shower area and a bathtub. The toilets in Japan are, for lack of better word, fancy. Even the public toilets feature heated seats, bidets, dryer systems, shoe shining, and soundtracks. I’m only joking about two of those.

The lobby and public areas of Hotel MiraCosta are all beautifully designed, like you’d expect from a luxury hotel. The main lobby rotunda area was pretty amazing, with a vaulted ceiling going the full height of the hotel. Most times we were in this rotunda, it was fairly crowded and loud. From the main entrance to the lobby, the hotel had plenty of staff to address any question. This is standard in Japan where customer service is an art. Basically every worker that helped us anywhere in Japan was friendly and helpful. Most staff are extremely adept at reading what I call “the lost American face” so we were often asked if we needed assistance before we even knew we needed help.

The check-in process at MiraCosta was quick but odd. We arrived at the hotel first thing in the morning to check in so we could be at the park prior to entrance. This way, we could get our key and avoid checking in later when we wanted an afternoon break. After we completed the initial check-in, we were asked to return to the lobby during normal check-in time to retrieve our room key. This didn’t happen at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, as they gave us our key when we checked in early and asked us not to use the room until check-in time. This wasn’t really an issue other than losing a few minutes of time and I am not sure if this is always the process, but keep this in mind if you’re pinched for time to only check-in once during normal times.

Other than the beautiful rooms and views, there are a couple of benefits of staying at MiraCosta that are worth mentioning. As I said earlier, you get a monorail pass that can be used from the day of check-in all the way through your check-out day. Since we stayed one night, this was a 2 day pass for us. Additionally, you get access to the “Happy 15 Early Entry” perk. It is very important to mention that the Happy 15 does not work on your check-in day. It only works on other days you are staying, including the day you check out. This perk allows you to enter Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea through a special entrance 15 minutes prior to normal park opening. If you arrive at the Happy 15 line at least thirty minutes prior to normal opening time, you can see a lot of the more popular attractions in the first hour.

Booking a room at Hotel MiraCosta is difficult and requires advance planning, as the hotel is fully booked on most nights. The Tokyo Disney online reservation center allows booking of hotels up to six months in advance. I believe we were only a few days short of this window and most MiraCosta availability was gone. I found the reservation center very easy to use, but I strongly recommend doing some test runs before using it to book your stay. Basically, you need to know six months in advance that you plan to stay at MiraCosta and book your room as soon as the window opens. Being flexible here helps. We knew we were staying four nights on property and kept trying different nights until finding one night available at MiraCosta. If you don’t see anything right away, I’d constantly check for cancellations.

In closing, Hotel MiraCosta was an incredible experience for us. We really regret not being able to get a Mediterranean Harbor room and will definitely try again for that in the future.. Even on our Tuscany side, we had a view of the castle and entrance that was worth the stay. We likely wouldn’t pay the price to stay here again unless we were on the Harbor side, but I would recommend that anyone able to do so should make room in their budget for at least one night in MiraCosta.

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