Disney World Rumors and News – August 2016

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If you’re a rabid Disney World fan like we are, you need every last bit of Disney news in your life. With stories breaking every single day, we wanted to discuss some of the recent rumors and news from around the World.


RUMOR: Stitch’s Great Escape FINALLY being replaced


Personally, every time I walk past Stitch’s Great Escape, I want to pull a Wreck-It Ralph and tear it down. It is only fitting that the rumored attraction to replace Stitch’s Great Escape will be a Wreck-It Ralph virtual reality racing game. This new ride would be understandable with the Wreck-It Ralph sequel hitting theaters in 2018.

To be fair, pretty much anything at all would be an improvement. On our most recent trip to Disney World, we decided to use Stitch’s Great Escape to escape the summer sun. I honestly think I would rather just sit in the Orlando midday sun than sit through Stitch’s Great Escape. It’s just not good. That said, I think Wreck-It Ralph is an IP with tons of potential and meshes perfectly with Tomorrowland.

This ride is rumored to be part of the Tomorrowland revamp heading into the 50th Anniversary of Disney World in 2021. As long as they don’t close Carousel, we’re all in on Tomorrowland 2021.

RUMOR: The Great Mickey Ride coming to Hollywood Studios


First, let’s take time to consider that there is no Mickey Mouse ride in Disney World. Go ahead, ponder that for a few minutes, I’ll wait.

A rumor first posted in the WDWMagic forums claims that there will finally be a ride dedicated to the Mouse and that it would replace The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios. The poster, TheVisionarySoul, says that the Turner Classic Movie contract holding The Great Movie Ride together will not be renewed as Disney has plans for another attraction instead. There are various sources saying that The Great Mickey ride is just one of the potential replacements for The Great Movie Ride, but it seems like all news point towards the closing of The Great Movie Ride.

Our reaction to the rumor of The Great Mickey Ride was screaming and giggling like school girls at a Justin Beiber concert. We love The Great Movie Ride and the Chinese Theater. We ride TGMR at least once every trip and we’re one of those weird couples that have it nearly memorized. That said, it has begun to lose its shine. When Disney signed the TCM contract we really hoped for some update to the ride to be imminent. I still love the idea of classics being in the ride, but I can’t see why Disney would not at least add a Star Wars scene akin to the current Wizard of Oz scene.  While we will be sad to see it go, we’ll always remember The Great Movie Ride fondly. But bring on The Mouse!

News: Innoventions at Epcot (The Sum of All Thrills and Stormstruck) Closing in September

This isn’t huge news or the closing of a beloved attraction, but it is worth mentioning. With various smoke surrounding a full revamp of Future World at Epcot, this move makes complete sense. Part of Innoventions had already closed recently to make way for the Baymax and Joy&Sadness character spots.

RUMOR: Disney Researching Magic Band Alterations

According to WDW News Today, Disney may be researching prototypes for some changes to the Magic Bands. This potential change is a small RFID device that could be switched between straps to make customization easier. This makes sense as the current Magic Bands definitely seem like the 1.0 iteration of whatever Disney has planned for the future.

MADE UP RUMOR: X-Wing Attraction to replace Rock n Roller Coaster


This is totally made up by us, but it’s our dream idea for a RnR Coaster rehash. While Aerosmith is an excellent rock band, their stay in Hollywood Studios is approaching tiring levels. Our proposal is to retheme RnR Coaster as an X-Wing attraction to fit the new Star Wars area in Hollywood Studios. Imagine blasting off in your X-Wing fighting with the Rebels to destroy the Death Star. You’ll take off and fly through the intense space battle from the original Star Wars film.

Don’t mind us, we’re just dreaming about X-Wing: The Ride.

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