D23 Announcements for Epcot

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If you missed out on the whirlwind news from the Disney Parks panel at D23, we’re here to catch you up and fill you in on everything coming to Disney World. First up is Epcot.

The Parks panel at D23 spent much of their time announcing new attractions and more coming to Epcot. This new group of attractions is set to release over time to build hype for Epcot’s 35th, but mostly to be ready to go for Disney World’s big 50th anniversary celebration in 2021.

EPCOT Re-Imagined

This portion of the panel was mostly glossed over. Basically, we’re getting some sort of new design or re-imagining of the Future World area of EPCOT. The concept art shown below looks excellent. As with most of these announcements, we expect this new design to be finished up for Disney World’s 50th.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The biggest and most controversial announcement is the confirmation that the Guardians of the Galaxy are getting an Epcot attraction. Needless to say, this has brought about some rage from the old-school Epcot fans. WDW News Today nailed this attraction coming way way back. We even did a Tuesday Hot Take discussing this potential attraction back in September of 2016. The initial rumor was that this would be a coaster but Disney did not discuss any specific details on the attraction.

photo via Disney Parks Blog

The panel did make some attempt at a tie-in to satisfy the outraged old-school Epcot fans. Apparently Starlord himself visited Epcot back when he was a young Peter Quill. I don’t think this really accomplishes anything to tie the ride in to Epcot’s original message, but it’s neat. Especially when we personally don’t care much about the whole “EPCOT IS EDUTAINMENT” argument.

Finally comes the saddest part of any new beginning for an attraction. Guardians of the Galaxy will be replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure. We did love Ellen’s but we are well-aware that it is past its time and needed to go. Looks like we’ll have to resort to other attractions to escape the summer heat at Epcot. According to the Parks blog, Ellen’s Energy Adventure will close August 13th, 2017. RIP Stupid Judy, stupid Energy.

Ratatouille: The Adventure

Another potential attraction completely outed by WDW News Today back in June is the Ratatouille attraction coming to the France Pavilion in World Showcase. This ride seemingly will be nearly a clone of the attraction at Disneyland Paris, which we really enjoyed.

photos via Disney Parks blog

Disney changed things when they added Frozen Ever After in Norway and completely re-designed the Norway Pavilion. That change, in our opinion, is a great thing. We love World Showcase and the cultural insight that it covers. Is Ratatouille some sort of French culture exposition? No, but it does add needed entertainment to Epcot for visitors that aren’t there to eat and drink around the world. We loved Frozen and if Ratatouille is the same as its French counterpart, Epcot is adding a world-class attraction to World Showcase.

We do have one selfish concern about the addition of Ratatouille. If you’ve been reading, you know we adore the France counter-service option at Disney. It’s already crowded now and we fear that the lines for our beloved French sandwiches will become nearly untenable. Keep us in your thoughts.

New China Pavilion Film

Disney announced that they will be re-filming the Reflections of China film. We’ve actually never watched the current film and a new film would be interesting to see if it had seats. We love the China pavilion and would like any reason to spend more time there.

New Mission Space Ride Option

We’re not huge fans of the space travel simulator, Mission Space. Mission Space previously offered two options. The Green ride was a leisurely ride to Mars without added gravity effects and spinning and the like. The Orange ride added some nauseating effects to simulate actual space travel. While Mission Space is really neat, it is a one-time thing. As in one time ever is enough. Disney announced at D23 that they have re-designed the Green selection to an all-new ride. This offers an option for those that choose not to take the more intense path. We may not ride the Orange selection ever again, but we’ll give the updated Green ride a chance.


Maybe the caps-lock is a bit dramatic, but this announcement is awesome and we’re afraid it may be overlooked in all the new shiny ride announcements. Adjacent to Mission Space, Disney is adding a space-themed restaurant with views that are out of this world… It looks cooler than it sounds.

We can’t wait to hear more details about this restaurant. Coral Reef is the sea-themed counterpart to this space restaurant. While we enjoyed the food at Coral Reef, the aquarium views are the real selling point. We’re interested to see what Disney has in mind here.

Your Thoughts

What D23 Epcot Announcement are you most excited to see? Are you boycotting Epcot now that they are turning into IP-COT? Let us know in the comments.

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