2017 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series

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Hot diggity-dog! The finisher medals for the 2017 Virtual Running Shorts Series have been released and they are gorgeous! This year’s theme revolves around one of our favorite, lovable pups-Pluto!

Image credit: rundisney.com

The Virtual Running Shorts Series is a runDisney event, and as the name suggests, it is virtual. Virtual means that it does not take place on-site at a Disney Park. Instead, you complete each 5K race at your own chosen location, in the time allotted, and you receive your medal!

Medals do not ship until each race or all races have been completed. For instance, if you complete the first 5K that takes place from June 1-June 30, 2017, you will receive your finisher medal a few weeks after June 30th. If you sign up for the Running Shorts Series, which is three 5K runs (June, July, August), then you will receive both the 3 medals for each 5K and the Series finisher medal a few weeks after the Series ends on August 31st.

You can sign up for each race here on the runDisney website. You can register for each race individually for a cost of $40, which includes your medal for the race or register for the Series for $142, which includes: 3 medals for each 5K, a Series finisher medal, and a Coolcore Towel. In addition, if you sign up for the Series before April 30th, you will also receive a Dog Tag and a commemorative collapsible dog bowl.

Each race has its own finisher medal and because the theme is Pluto, each medal celebrates Pluto in some way.

  1. The first run is the Pluto Dog Tag race which will run from June 1-June 30th.
  2. The second run is the Pluto Dog Bowl which will run from July 1-July 31st.
  3. The third and final run is the Pluto Dog House which will run from August 1-August 30th.

I participated in the 2016 Virtual Running Shorts Series and the medals are a great quality and size. After receiving them, which I will admit felt like it took forever, you’ll feel accomplished and will want to proudly hang them where everyone can see them. You won’t get the thrill of completing the race at a Disney park location, but why not make it an event all your own and get some friends to join you? Whether you decide to do one race or all three, doing so is an accomplishment and the medals you will receive are the perfect prize!

Again, this is not the same amazing experience as completing a live runDisney event, but it does feel great to complete the races on your own for the medals. I doubt this is something I will do every year unless the medals are something I really wanted to collect.

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